A digital goodbye

I have completed my requirements for this course however I felt the need for a last goodbye (to add to the frantic posts some are adding to get their quota for the assignment).

For me the most profound learning came from the professional experience. I loved every minute of it and am missing the kids terribly – I think this comes from my mentor giving me ownership of the class while I was there. From day 1 I felt more like a team teaching experience rather than a typical mentor/student relationship. I know I could have done a better job integrating ICTs into the class however it was such a rich learning experience.

I am also reflecting on the course content and its impact on my future in the classroom. I engaged through out the course however the theorist and frameworks featured really didnt make sense until this last assessment as I applied them to my prac experience.

Its almost enough to make me want to so the subject over again to use it when I need it ….


I have in fact passed the subject regardless of the marks for assignment 3 so I will ignore my urge to repeat and do the next best thing. I will take my newly gained knowledge into my next prac and rock it.

Goodbye my fellow bloggers. See you on the flip side.



One thought on “A digital goodbye

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